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The TRANSVAC® HVCS 5825 is a redesign of the TRANSVAC® 6725 system.  This high-volume system uses two tanks (chambers) instead of one.  The two-tank design improves even further the continuous suction and discharge capabilities of earlier system designs.  The HVCS 5825 will deliver significantly higher transfer rates through the 14.0" (35-36 cm) nominal diameter pipeline. 

The TRANSVAC® HVCS 5825 system is a continuous suction system capable of transferring in excess of 3000 GPM through the 14.0 " (nominal diameter) discharge pipeline, 350.0 feet long with a vertical lift of 50 feet.

Material and Design.  The TRANSVAC® HVCS 5825 tanks are constructed of Stainless Steel. This material provides the necessary corrosion resistance and structural strength to meet the operating conditions at TASA and CFG (in Peru) transfer stations. The tanks are designed to code and standards for full vacuum and pressure.  
Configuration.  The TRANSVAC® HVCS 5825 is provided in a configuration that provides the lowest profile to ensure maximum suction.  Inclined tanks will be provided using 14" flap (swing check) inlet and exit valves. 

Power System (HVCS 5825) The power system consists of: Vacuum Pump.  The system will employ a TRANSVAC® Liquid Ring Pump with Stainless Steel internals. This pump was selected based on the vacuum flow rates and power requirements for this application 2200 CFM will be drawing fish and water into the tanks. 
Pressure Pump (compressor)  A TRANSVAC® Air Rotary screw compressor will be used as the system compressor.  The compressor provides the discharge pressure for the system equal to 1400 CFM with no more than 65.0 PSI.   
This STATE OF THE ART system only consumes energy needed to overcome push of water column.  ETI Engineers efficient systems that consume the energy required, no more, no less. That is our SEAL of Quality.  It is what sets us apart. 



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