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Tank Chamber

Soft (Top) Entry- ETI patented system allows the inlet flap (swing check) valve to operate without interference from fish, minimizing fish damage. 

Soft Exit- fish exit pump via a one piece outlet designed with even joints and a smooth surface to prevent damage to fish. 

Full Port Valves- prevents the pump from causing a surge of air after completion of the discharge cycle. If a pump does not have this feature, then the processing line will experience safety problems. 

Anti-Flood System- designed into all TRANSVAC® pumps, this feature prevents an operator from over­-filling the pump and damaging the vacuum unit. 

Nickel-Enriched Liquid Ring Pump- the liquid ring pump material is formulated for use in high corrosion environments (e.g. saltwater) and has a proven non­-seizing life span 3 to 4 times greater than standard cast iron construction. 

The TRANSVAC® consists of an inclined tank with a separate inlet and outlet (exit). Both the inlet and outlet have check valves (swing-checks). The inlet check valve allows water and fish to enter the tank, while the exit check valve allows fish and water to flow out of the tank. The tank is supplied alternately with vacuum and pressure. Both vacuum and pressure are developed by a liquid ring pump. Under vacuum, the tank exit seals and fish and water are drawn into the tank through the suction hose which is attached to the inlet. When the tank is full, the vacuum is stopped and pressure is applied to the tank. This pressure causes the exit check valve to open and the mix of fish and water to empty from the tank via a discharge hose attached to the exit connection. When the tank is empty, a vacuum is again applied to the tank and a new transfer cycle begins.


Electric, Diesel

or Hydraulic Motor

Galvanized Steel Stand



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